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I see this more and more -- taking a signature on paper and somehow tranferrring it onto a pick guard -- and instant "Signed Guitar"  Lennon was nowhere near this guitar or the pick guard -- yet someone could be duped.  PSA cert says "signed cut" but not everyone reads that or knows the difference. 

Seems like false advertising to me at best -- a bit of a scam at worst.  



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What is with the stamp? And the price? I would have noted how it was attached. Here is the guitar unmolested:

So that's about $4999.95 for the autograph and $30,000.00 for the guitar.  What a deal!!

Ouch! The signature was cut from a contract. The stamp was attached.

I see, yes. Thanks.

Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except Me and My Monkey

A person would have to be insane to do that.

Agreed. I would feel sick every time I looked at the guitar.

At least the song title is quite appropriate, though actually an insult to the monkey kingdom.

I’m sick. 

It sold for $9,375 at RR in March.


This guy should be shot.

Not only that, but the seller took a $9,300 one-of-a-kind signed Lennon contract with iron clad provenance and a desirable association to a classic Beatles song,  and turned it into a generic auto cut worth maybe $2,300...Seller only lost $7,000 in the process.   Ugh...



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