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Kate Bush - Signed Books Available On Friday 20 Jan at 9am (Waterstones, Rough Trade & Selected Independents)

A very limited number of signed copies will be released and can be pre-ordered from selected bookshops and record shops, from 9am on Friday 20th January (UK only).

NME state Waterstones and  Rough Trade will be two of the bookshops.

How To Be Invisible: Selected Lyrics - Paperback | Kate Bush

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Same story -- I got tripped up trying to create an account on RT and was too slow on the draw, even though it was in my basket and I'd pushed through to payment. Was up for maybe a minute or two at most before selling out.

With how quickly these sold out, I'm going to hazard a guess and say less than 250 copies total were available between the various retailers.

That would be less than the original HB signed run (500) - seems low, given how long it lasted on Waterstones in the end?

Perhaps. We got lucky because the WS version wasn't showing up on search results -- I have a feeling that kept a lot of interested parties away until most copies sold.

Regardless, I'm not sure if we're ever going to know for sure, but when I hear the words "strictly limited", I'm thinking 250 or less. Between her relative scarcity on the public stage and the interest in this book (and speaking purely from an investor POV), I feel like it's not going to saturate the market in any real fashion. That said, this one's staying in my collection.

I spent about 6 hours yesterday trawling the internet trying to find where copies would be, I  had 5 webpages set up ready on 2 laptops and one phone - Logged in on all .. all set, I thought resident or drift would be the better options as they were not publicised as such, and thought Roughtrade and Waterstones would sell out instantly -  both Resident / drift sold out in my basket after about 8 seconds, then I tried Waterstones over and over - but only available on the link that was on here later (Thanks Steve) 

Then tried Roughtrade after a few minutes  -, added one to basket... saw limit of 3 so i added another one, was checking out with my 2 copies and sold out as i pressed pay! 

Had I gone the Roughtrade route initially  i would have probably got 3, after about 10 minutes I managed to order one from Waterstones, whether that arrives remains to be seen as it was a bit of a cock up, my card payment wouldn't go through so i went back and paid via Paypal - on my receipt it says I paid via both Card and Paypal !! 

I got through to shipping on Rough Trade, something went wrong and it wanted £25 for shipping so I backed out, at which point it sold out. Should have just gone for it (but did get one from Waterstones and have the original hard back too)

I'm honestly not sure how the Rough Trade one worked. I hit refresh constantly until the listing popped up, added one copy, clicked through with my address and credit card already stored, everything correct, not a wasted second or misstep --- and insufficient stock. I don't know how I could've done it any better. Felt more like a game of random chance than a game of speed.

With only 50 in stock they would have sold out in seconds.

Will there ever be a way to figure out how many books were signed by her? And how many there are with the invisible ink?

I rang one of the rough trade shops and he answered the phone “Kate Bush hotline “…

They told me to call the mail order web store… she told me they had less than fifty on the store.. odd to allow three per person ! 

The Kate Bush hotline eh? I would have asked if Cloudbusting would be rereleased.

Damn, wish i saw my e mail from Flood Gallery 8 minutes ago, they were doing a signed book and LP bundle for £30!! 

Looked on their website earlier today aswell! 

Me too! Didn’t spot it and still can’t actually…

did you have a link for that one?



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