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Definitely go on all the Autograph Forums and social media platforms to spread the word. This is just pure laziness with the “L” and “Z” especially with COVID forcing people to stay home

Got an email today about the signed posters being delayed. I didn't even remember buying the poster that it has been so long

I'm starting to think some of  these pre orders are quick money grabs, Stalling and stalling it's 7 months since the yummy cds from justin Beiber ozzy's autopens and Gaga's letter L autos once they have our money it's when there ready I never stopped writing on Sharon Osbourne's website about the autopens signatures since i found out she deletes them well she contacted me about it and tried to sell me a meet and greet with Ozzy instead of replacing the booklet how low can some people go

Seems like they wait as long as possible because they know they'll be fake or trash, so people will want refunds if they wait long enough you can't file a claim against them on credit cards 

I got my money back for my OO cd, disgraceful!!

I just got an email saying my 2 signed cds should ship in 3-4 weeks. Guessing they meant "months".

That's not your regular art card though :D

Yes written on the record label itself - looks poor  - I'd never buy a signature  on a record label damn wish i could find that fool with more money than sense to sell some overpriced records to! 

I'm Still waiting for my L signed Cds

I received mine months and months ago and threw them away - are yours still on order or been shipped/lost!

I am also still waiting for a signed CD.  Ordered on June 10, 2020.  UMG Customer Service isn't.


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