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how does this Lennon look like? Supposingly signed at the WFIL. 

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These are notorious. I don't like it. Among other things the start of the "J" , that left right arc, seems unusual.

Anyone else?

I do not know music autographs very well, but a general observation is that the book appears pretty scuffed up, yet the ink seems fairly untouched.  I suppose it could have been signed later.  Personally, I would have had him in sign on the title page rather than cover.  Again, this out of my bailiwick.

Thanks Scott. It is said to have been signed in 1975.

This is a copy of the U.S. version published by Simon & Schuster in 1964.  It sold in '64 for the $2.50 price you see on the bottom left of the cover.   So yes, it would have allegedly been signed a bit over a decade after it was printed.

Doesn't look real to me. 

I would pass as it does not look genuine to me.

I'd certainly defer to those who have more experience with his signature.  However (from the scans at least), that ink on that unique surface sure could pass for being 50 years old.

That can be accomplished with a UV lamp.


Exposure for a certain time at a certain distance. This is how accelerated tests are done with inks and paints etc.  Also ageing for recreations of past materials.

Sounds potentially nefarious!

Chris1523  - Can you share any more about the source of this?   Has it been looked at by anyone but the seller?



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