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Live Talks has put up quite a few signed books on their store from various events over the past few YEARS. Too many to list (over 300) but many big names. You’ll want to check it out!! Sadly, appears US only. 

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Sort of makes up for B&Ns pitiful Black Friday offerings lol…

Fantastic tip! Almost fell of my chair when I saw that Gregg Allman and then I did when I saw the price. Still a good selection though but no information about whether first printings or not?

Lol right, some of the prices have been “adjusted” it seems…good question, I assume first printings since the events are usually held just following the book release but I couldn’t say for sure. 

Are these all definitely signed? It doesn't specify in any of the individual listings.

I had the same concern with them about a year ago. Took a chance with Lenny Kravitz and they arrived signed. Priced a bit higher than retail but still a great deal

I did get an email back confirming that all books in the store are signed

I had assumed all signed but understand the concern with some stating it in the description (and specifying if bookplate) and some having no description at all. I emailed them to be sure and will post. 

Assuming these were saved extras from previous in-person events, 

that should mean notorious recent autopens like David Copperfield and Robby Krieger, should be genuine then. 

Thanks for posting! Picked up a few I had missed in the past few years Blondie, Chris Stein, David Byrne. Not a huge discount, but cheaper than buying them on the secondary market. 

You’re welcome! Yeah, prices weren’t too great on some…seemed to run almost in line with lower end on secondary but still a bit cheaper (probably not a coincidence) and no issues with Live Talks being legit- always been happy ordering from them. 

Wish the sale was for Canada too -- I'd probably pick up a copy of Yuval Harari's "21 Lessons for the 21st Century". Tougher auto to come by; his earlier works command a high premium on the secondary market.

Some good prices on there. I already have a signed copy of Short's book -- that was a great read.

Tori Amos book “Resistance” now in stock (was not in stock when I originally posted this thread). Signed bookplate edition for $50:



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