Oscar winner Artist Alan Lee hand numbered and signed trilogy of The Lord Of The Rings trilogy, this item is limited to 1,000 books and they are for deep pockets at a £1,000.00 price mark, but they are highly collectible and their prices often skyrocket years after, sold by The Folio Society Uk

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Love the item, can't afford the price tag :D

Its seriously expensive but maybe some collector here with DEEP, i mean DEEP pockets will be thankful.

Very nice.  I just read The Lord of the Rings again for the third time, along with The Hobbit for the fourth time, and I am currently reading The Silmarillion for the third time.  What a gift J. R. R. Tolkien has given us.  I am extremely appreciative.  Thanks for sharing, Rodrigo.

Extremely welcome Mike, i cant help but wonder…if this is the price for the collection with Alan Lee’s signature, how much would a single book or a collection signed by the late JRR be? 

They are pricey, s bit less than what i had in minf but still pretty expensive! Thanks


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