Two of the three signatures that I posted here were submitted to SGC and failed Authentication. The third has yet to be submitted though I suspect  that it’s also bad. Opinions on what’s wrong with them? Thanks.

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I can’t properly describe what’s wrong with them, but I can tell, in fact, that they’re all fakes, unfortunately.  It’s very dissapointing.  Believe me.  I can empathize.

I can definitely see why they'd fail. They're not authentic! Sorry!

SGC got it right in my opinion. The Mantle and DiMaggio are clearly slowly drawn with signs of bleeding. The Williams looks a little smoother, but has many formation problems. 

To my untrained eye the “Mickey” looks cramped while the “Mantle” looks too drawn out. Looks like the baseline is off too.

Yep. The whole think looks like a funhouse mirror image of a Mantle signature.

Here’s a Willie Mays that also failed SGC. The DiMaggio and the Williams both failed SGC. All three were submitted on a $10 each monthly special so not a complete disaster. The Mantle was not submitted and won’t be.


Yes, those are horrid.  All penned by the same hand.

That’s interesting. I’ve had these in a binder for over 20 years and come to think of it I’m almost positive that 2 of them and possibly all 3 were purchased at the same shop in Oakland Park, Florida(surprise).

All three look wrong.




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