For all you Mantle Experts. What do you guys think about this Mantle? Real or Fake? 

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Pretty sure you're good.

no good

I'll try to save a little face here. I thought the autograph was rushed. A little sloppy. Saw a few characteristics that made me think it might be ok. I was wrong. Thanks, to all for the continued education. 

That's how we learn, John, and that's why we're here.

Not authentic.

I recognize that-style forgery.  I have two dozen of that-style forgery in my files.

Here's one of those from my files.

Chris wrote: "Here's one of those from my files." 

Very helpful example, as always. Thank you, Chris!

You're welcome, Woody.

A rare "Comnerce (not Commerce) Comet" version!


Signature aside, does anyone think the Mick was sending out Strawberry Shortcake style Christmas cards? ;-)

Thanks for all the quick responces and info guys!




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