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First post, hopefully you’ll find this useful:https://coles-books.co.uk/the-christmas-princess-by-mariah-carey-an...

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It’s easy to miss due to all the Bob Dylan and Cormac McCarthy posts…

Agreed. I think Dylan was finally moved or closed. 1 down, 1 to go. 

Hope more pop up somewhere else. 

I was sad missing out but then I saw the bookplate and got over it quick.. Still would have bought it but would rather have something else signed. I have a feeling as long as she stays healthy, there will be many more chances in the future

That’s just terrible and so lazy. Signatures in order to move product are becoming a joke. If an artist isn’t going to approach this as a serious endeavor to honor fans they shouldn’t even bother. 

Absolutely. A signature should be something you take pride in. It starts there with the celebrity, but in this case even the publisher or whoever created these bookplates.. Why not just keep them blank? At least create a space specifically for the autograph.. Cant complain about it much though. Overall it is a free perk on a book listed at retail price. Mariah's signature has been like this for a while as well so her signature is as expected, but signatures like this make me appreciate celebrities like Brian Johnson so much more

She probably has her kids doing them on the bookplates. I agree that a signature should be something someone takes pride in. 

A scribble on a sticker is really lame. 

Did this ship for anyone yet?

Mine just shipped 

+1 Mine just shipped

Mine came today despite it being a strike day. Thanks again to OP!

Hopefully mine will turn up sometime soon and not be like my 48HR Tracked via the Strikers ! Which was posted on 18th November and still not arrived - don't even start me on my other missing Royal Mail parcels ! 


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