Hi all, does anyone of the Marlon Brando autograph experts know if this letter is an authentic? I found this on ebay. I think it's an original letter from MB. But I have no idea of ​​what year the letter is? What is your opinion? Many thanks in advance. This is a great forum by the way.

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Hi, I just saw this after you pointed it to me, sorry. I'll look it over now.


I just spent about 15 minutes on this ALS and I think that Brando wrote it.  What made it especially hard is that it has many of his characteristics, but it's so nicely written. Brando's writing tends to be fast and unpolished. 

Don't make a decision to buy it on my opinion alone.


thanks for your answer. I was also excited when I saw the ALS. I couldn‘t resist buying it. I just don’t know who Maria is...the maid or one of his ex-wives. Apparently his son Miko is still very young at the time of the letter.


It's a nice note. I hope I'm right. It's so atypical that I wouldn't recommend that anyone buy it without getting opinions on authenticity from others who really know Brando, like Tom Kramer. I wouldn't buy it for myself without showing Tom at least.

Check out this link, it has a letter written by him to a hotel butler during the filming of The Freshman. The writing is somewhat shaky but there is probably a 20-30 year older age difference than when he wrote this Maria note.

The handwriting looks pretty similar. Try comparing the letters side by side somehow. The letter "y" definitely looks the same and the "D" in Dear is very similar. Also the "B" are almost exact in the way he writes. The letter "R" has a hard formation and both are nearly identical.

I've always been fascinated by Marlon Brando. I've only see a few of his movies, mostly his 1990s stuff and he's a little before my time but I find him interesting as a person. He seems to be someone who may not have been approachable to autograph collectors but these handwritten letters, especially the one I posted show a very soft, sweet and kind side to him that may not often be seen in the collecting community. I also remember hearing, when he published a book in 1994 that one of the selling points for him to do it was that it would bring attention to unknown authors in the publishing company. The "Listen To Me" Marlon is also pretty interesting. There's more to him than news sources would have you believe.

Here is the link.


Thank you, Jason!

The letter you posted is an excellent one to compare it with. I'm impressed that you found it.

I'm more comfortable with my opinion now...although I'd still try to show it to Tom Kramer.

+1 for Tom Kramer.

Thanks for the compliment, Steve.

I actually have known about the letter for a few years now due to my fascination with the man so when the Maria letter was posted I knew I had to check out the Werner letter.

He must have really liked that Werner guy to write such a kind hearted letter to him. I'm glad I went to check it out because it does show some great similarities in his letters.

I'm pretty shocked and saddened this post didn't get more attention. Paul McCartney autographs are plentiful and Mickey Mantle fakes seem to appear every day but Marlon Brando handwritten letters are like what 2 of 2? Oh well. I hope his signing habits garner some attention soon.

Possibly to Maria Schneider his co-star in “Las Tango in Paris”? Though I doubt it. She did not like Brando much if I recall.

I read it. I couldn't really say anything apart from "that appears good" and "ask Steve" and I failed to do so, but I did read it. I am sure others did as well. I bought a Brando over 20 years ago (which now sounds ridiculous LOL) because I knew it was not good from the presentation but could could not determine exactly why apart from that - and the source was a friend who knew I would take my return, especially as he himself was uncertain. I learned a lot from that one forgery. Even today, it would appear reasonable.

Well, not for long I hope. ;)

Thanks first to Steve and Jason.
I already knew the letter to Werner. In fact, I wrote Werner about 10 years ago when I discovered the letter on the Internet. We wrote in German and he told me about his meeting with Brando. Unfortunately I can not find the mail anymore. For the writing he wanted to have about 2000 dollars, when I asked for the price. Later he sold this item on eBay.
In any case, the characteristic of his handwriting is recognizable in the letter to Maria, if you look at the letter to Werner.

The letter to Maria probably dates from the mid-sixties. According his biography on Wiki Brando was married to Maria Castenada. With her he got two children. One of them is his son Miko Brando, who was a child at the time. If my guess is correct, then the letter is a personal letter within his family. Who knows...




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