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Michael Jackson buyandresellmarketplace12 signndrivecollector Joe Hendrix Gowanda NY

Check out this Michael Jackson signed shoe. The ebay seller has a bunch of these as well Robin Williams. Claims to have gotten the all in person

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Josvetnik a new member who signed up here last night made two comments, then deleted them.  Jos, why did you delete your comments?

Wow that's funny what kind of experts are these guys just sit here and talk and talk I been in industry for years prolly longer then you guys been alive I have people who work for PSA & JSA you guys ...

Wow as this all you guys do here is talk about something you have no expertise in??? This is just too funny


Wow lol man you guys are hilarious you really have nothing better to do but BS on this website tell me your experience on authentication smart guy what experience you have it seems this is for lazy people who have nothing to do ok here what I will tell you GET A JOB AND A LIFE LOL

Josvetnik are you the seller ?


What do you mean by your statement that you have people who work for PSA and JSA?
I mean this is kind of funny friend told me about this site so I figured I have little fun but I see you guys have no experience let me ask you something WASCHER have you ever even met Michael Jackson in person ??? Because if you did you would know how he signed autographs and he had several ways to sign if you have no proof that autographs aren't real then you shouldn't make false statements online unless you have proof from PSA DNA it's 100$ a piece to get authenticated get them all authenticated then post proof of authenticity online right next to the photos then you can call them forgeries until then how about you stop being a child and stoker on people's Ebay accounts lol I see lots of items on eBay only way to say it's fake is proof on the document from 3rd party DO YOU HAVE ANY FOR THE ITEMS THAT YOU BEEN POSTING????????????? IF YOU DO I WOULD LIKE TO SEE THEM ON THIS WEBSITE THANKS GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL

You might want to read this thread...  http://live.autographmagazine.com/forum/topics/sunday-morning-chuck...

You pretended to be in the photo with non-other than Michael Jackson himself, yet that's not even Michael, its an impersonator named Jalles Franca who does tribute shows.   Here is your actual eBay sale.... with the photos still in it.    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Michael-Jackson-Signed-LP-Framed-W-Record-P...  No need for me to try to prove anything when your own eBay history shows what your capable of. 

For others who are following along... zvitalek87 changed his eBay name to peterhunt23 after being discussed here, the above link I shared shows the sale through the peterhunt23 name.  Most recently he started a new account under svern_us2015.

I'm not the account holder as I said if you claim these items are fake and you an expert please provide a document proof that this person is selling fakes

Jos, is Jalles Franca really Michael Jackson now? 

Like I said it's pretty sad that you have nothing better to do with your life but to write comments all day long lol you get paid for this cuz I wouldn't mind B S ing hire and get paid but really get a life at least if you an authenticator at least show some proof from PSA DNA also who ever posted photo could of posted by mistake just like people put wrong shipping charge I'm not sticking up for the guy but really common show actual documents of proof these items are fake also do you have any license to authenticate items or you just give opinions witch aren't accurate I met Jackson in 2008 year before his death so I prolly know more about him then you ever know like I said have you even met Michael because you never answered the questions



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