I recently won this item on Julien's Auction and would like to get some opinions on the signature. I believe the signature is genuine, but of course I would like to read some of your opinions. What do you think? This was originally owned by Michael's personal physician, Dr. Steven Hoefflin. Judging from the release date of the newspaper and the signature style, I believe this might have been signed around 1984. 

Thank you all for your help,

Big Saturn Comics 

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Hello, there is a process and rules for selling here at AML. You will find them in the Buy/Sell/Trade forum. You are asking about authenticity and offering the item for sale simultaneously? 

If you offer any autograph for sale here you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1.  You must post an image of any autograph you offer for sale, unless cleared by an admin or moderator not to. (If you're having a sale on eBay for instance, and want to make members aware of it, just clear it with an admin or moderator.)

2.  You must guarantee authenticity for 6 months or longer or the buyer gets their money back. State how long your guarantee is for and what the terms of your guarantee are.

3.  Autographs must first be posted for authenticity opinions in the Forum before offering them for sale, unless approved by Steve Cyrkin, or fully certified by a generally respected third-party expert or authenticator ("quick opinions are not full authentication"). If it's certified, post the actual COA or LOA. 

If you're having it authenticated in a forum, please post a link to the discussion.

4.  You guarantee that the autograph to be original and unaltered unless you describe it as such. If you know or suspect an autograph has been enhanced or restored, make that clear in the listing.

5.  The buyer has 5 days after receipt to return an autograph that is not as represented due to condition or other factors. This is besides the 6 month minimum guarantee for authenticity or alteration.

6.  You must use regular PayPal exclusively, not PayPal Friends & Family, for all transactions.

7.  You agree to ship within 2 business of receiving payment from the buyer and provide tracking information unless you agree to different terms.

8.  ALL BUYERS & SELLERS: By using this group you agree that you will not hold any owner, moderator, administrator, or employee of Autograph Live liable for any purchase or sale you make or don't make, or any decision or action by any owner, moderator, administrator, or employee of Autograph Live.

Thank you Eric for the heads up. I wasn't sure how the process of selling on this forum was conducted. I wanted to get a couple of opinions on here first before I make a discussion post on the Buy/Sell/Trade forum. Is this allowed? 


Happy to help. I do not presume to speak for Steve, but I think overall that is the idea. It was just that you are offering it in this thread before the authenticity check-thread etc as outlined above. 

My apologizes Eric. It was certainly not my intention to not follow the rules correctly. I edited the post to only ask for opinions on the signature. 

No apology necessary. The rules protect us ALL :)

I went at Juliens Hoefflins items as if they were fake first looking at them all and digging stuff up on them, and slowly found he did indeed own the items in the auction and many of them were previously documented other places.

I am not a Juliens fan at all, and there are other things in that auction that are not legit but they are not part of the Hoefflin collection.

I would send this to Roger to be authenticated so that you have something on it for future as Juliens doesnt have a good rep when it comes to MJ (at least to me they don't).

+1 I don't know Jackson but this one...not for me. IIRC I am not fond of the source either.

I know Julien’s has a spotty-at-best record with Michael Jackson, but personally I believe this looks very good for an early-80s Jackson autograph.  

This signature style with the open “a” in “Jackson” is in my personal exemplar file of confirmed Jackson authentic autographs.  Not only that but it very closely matches my own Jacko autograph which I got from a trusted source who got the MJ autograph in-person.

Of course, having said all that I know there are some rather very good MJ forgers out there.

This doesnt look anything like the early 80s sigs I have. I dont want to feed the forgers (I do believe they are here and gathering information actively) but I cant stress enough how differently this looks compared to mine. This is way too pretty looking to my eyes.

The traits that I, personally, recognize as slam-dunk MJ are not present here.

Just Some Dude,

It's signed slower and carefully, but it has a lot of the characteristics of this 1977 signed contract:



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