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I tried the best pics I could.

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typical mass produced forgery

Okay thanks. It looked like it to me, but I am still new to this and thought maybe one slipped by

Yep, mass-produced Florida forgeries.

The old GAI certed hundreds upon hundreds of these.

Numerous "Florida" sellers still sell these on Ebay.

You can find this crap on any given day on Ebay.

The below listing is from Ebay seller Stecres93.

Look at this crap.


Here's another one.  This one is listed by Ebay seller Later_scot.


Yeah looks like the same one. Well what is it worth as a fraud? $25?

It’s barely worth the price of the match to light it on fire. Zero value. 

worth it just to hear that joke, I actually lol'd. Thanks

Like I previously wrote; mass-produced out of Florida.


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