Hi Guys! This is my first post here and Im really after some help. I have a Mickey Mantle signed HOF plaque card which is guaranteed genuine by PAAS and even though I've always had a gut feeling it was real, the two M's just dont match up with the other examples I've seen so I thought you guys might be able to give me opinions? Thanks in advance guys! 


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Not a textbook perfect example, but I think it's likely good. Looks like it may have been a street signature with a dying pen.

I agree with Zipper on this.  I had to look at it several times because the first time I looked, I didn't like it. but the letter formation, while not the typical smooth Mantle, looks legit.

Good Mantle.

Thanks for the replies guys! Really pleased to hear that its genuine! Not that Im selling it anytime soon or ever but would you guys be able to give an estimate of its value? Thanks again!

If you listed it on Ebay, you might get $100.00.  Maybe a little more.

HOF Plaks with a clean, bold signature and no third party COA (JSA or PSA), close around $175 - $200.

Yours has some condition issues and a streaky sig... So my guess would be $125 give or take.

Great! Thanks for all the help guys! Much appreciated.



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