Mickey Mantle Autographed Baseball Forgery Ebay Seller Disneycolector Ugly Fake

Check out this horrific Mickey Mantle forgery on a baseball.

This Mickey Mantle forgery is listed by Ebay seller Disneycolector.

Ebay seller Disneycolector writes "Ball was Autographed by Mickey in the mid 80s at his Restaurant/Sports Bar in Central Park, New York."

This is one ugly Mickey Mantle forgery listed by Ebay seller Disneycolector.


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Love that "baseline" on that Mickey Mantle forgery.

That is one ugly Mickey Mantle forgery.

No words to describe this one...

Mickey has left the building

Here's another Mickey Mantle forgery listed by Ebay seller Disneycolector.


eBay seller disneycolector relisted these as a 2 ball lot, and they are up to $225 with 1 hour left.


These sold for $227, I'm sure the moron buyer is telling all their friends about the AMAZING DEAL they got. 

Never mind them being bad.  You would think that they would notice that they don't even look the same.

Things like this make me not wanna collect....I doubt if i posted my 2 legit mantles I would get a 227.00 bid...Makes me sick.

I know... It is amazing how many times fakes get more than the real deal.

$227.00 for two Mantle forgeries!!! 

What a bargain!!!  Geez.  The wannabe autograph collectors continue to keep the sellers of forgeries in business.

You could draw a smiley face on a ball, print off "DRAWN BY MICKEY MANTLE CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY", and it would get bids.

Ebay seller Disneycolector just listed another Mickey Mantle forgery on a baseball.




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