So part of me feels this has some elements of a Milkey Mautle, but then another part feels the M’s look good. Then part of me feels like it was drawn slowly. All of me wants to know what you guys think?

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(sorry about that.  the mobile site was stuttering on me)

Bad forgery. Not authentic!

Okay thank you!

I kept wavering.  

Sold by Ebay seller RRR70.

The person who bought that is either delusional or a scammer.

No one sells an authentic Mantle on a baseball for $100.00 unless they know they are dumping a forged Mickey Mantle.

Obviously the $150 price tag was a big red flag.  Did it sell?

It sold for $100.00.

You are 100% correct Chris about someone selling Mantle for so cheap.  Trying to dump it quickly for a fraction of the real value is a dead giveaway.


Just so I know I’m not completely losing it, this one is real, right?


That's the difference between not knowing autographs and having a trained eye for autographs.

To the untrained eye, the two below appear authentic.

Click your mouse on the below image to get a closer view.



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