I am curious on opinions of this autograph. Yea or nay?

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nay.  common forgery.

I appreciate your assessment. I would like to sell or dispose of this. Any additional opinions are welcome. 

Regrettably, this is a common forgery style that has been around for at least 25 years. There are many thousands of these in circulation.

Thank you Steve. In the trash it goes so there will be one less in circulation. Great community discussion here, very much appreciated. 

Thank you for doing the right thing and disposing of it.

the autograph community appreciates it.

I was naive and bought it 6-7 years ago on an online auction for $80, or something like that. Had it sold on eBay today but the seller wanted to back out, after your help it is an easy choice to cancel the sale. This balls charade will end today.  

Wish there were more like you. :-)  Better to take an $80 loss and be able to sleep at night. If that's the worst mistake you make in collectibles, you are doing ok. 

Yep, my 100% on eBay is worth much more than a shady deal. 

Sadly, selling forgeries hasn't seemed to cost many eBay sellers their 100% ratings. Actually, I can't think of any.

Yes, thank you Kimballh.

Guys, could you please post a couple of similar balls for Kimballh to compare to and a couple typical genuine examples?

A little education may soften the $80 blow.

Thank you for being one of the few honest people who do the right thing when they find out their item is a forgery. Fortunately it only cost you $80, could have been much more.

Much appreciated Steve. I would hate to be on the receiving end of forgery again. This site is amazing for a bit of assistance. 



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