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it was already posted in non-musicians thread where it belongs 

Bernie Sanders got his own thread. Millie Bobby Brown is obviously worthy of an exception and should have her own thread.

yeah that one shouldn't have been posted in the musician's thread either and the reason the non-musicians thread was started in the first place but whatever, not a big deal unless it gets out of hand i guess

Totally agree.

For someone like a Millie Bobby Brown exceptions should be made.

Agreed. Bigger names should get their own thread. It's hard to keep up with that non musicians thread sometimes. Not sure why there isn't a separate section like the musician one. Plus more people will probably want to discuss the bigger names. 

I'm with you on this.. about 2 years ago, I made my feelings known that this forum needed a specific celebrity section for items like these.. it was never addressed and I let it go. If there is no other outlet, they have to go somewhere. This is technically a music section of the forum but so many people rely on this as information for new autograph releases in general. I would never argue schematics. If someone wants to post celebrity autographs in the music forum, I'm all for it until there is a specific outlet in place

Tell that to Paris Hilton I guess...

I only follow this thread but bought it upon seeing the post and am grateful. 

hopefully this settles things: 


I have no issues with this being posted here. I ordered and thank you to the person who did start the thread:)


Honestly it lasted way longer than I thought


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