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My Waterstones copy arrived today,

Not autopen, ink.

One very slight variation to the 6 "fakes" pictured above which is that the first stroke

of the M is not vertical but angled. That's it, though.

From Waterstones, thoughts?

Looks a lot like the one posted above

This has gone a bit quiet.

Have people lost interest? I can't decide whether to return or not.

That is her signature. Attended her book signing in here in NYC.  The signature is worse in person.  It can't get any better, but I have seen worse.  Gave it to my niece who is a big fan.  LOL.  Did get a picture with MBB though.

I'm still torn and need more research but pretty busy these days. Also, I've never returned items to waterstones from the US. Probably should start a dialog with them to see what my options are but im thinking I might be stuck with mine either way unless they cover return shipping AND refund original shipping. If that doesn't happen, it makes more sense to hang on to them. 

There is a valid concern but wondering it the initial witch hunt in some calling this an autopen screwed up our communities integrity a bit. Its possible some collectors let their guard down after finding out these are not autopenned, also knowing her signature is evolving. Some celebrities take pride in signing their books but we can't grasp at possibilities trying to find any reason to make these valid.. the main question should be, are there any known good autographs from her that match these examples exactly? So far the answer is no. There are some similarities but also multiple differences... Millie will be signing a lot of autographs in the near future, hopefully without changing her style yet again. We shouldn't have to wait too much longer for some progress. 


Is that a Waterstones copy?

The first stroke of the M is vertical - conforms to the 6 examples of the alleged fakes.

That is a Waterstones copy which arrived yesterday.

They, Waterstones, never replied to my question. I told them I didn’t get what I ordered due to the bad signature and would feel ripped off if I had to pay to return. 

I still waiting on mine from Waterstones and having my first-ever problem with them, and don't really like how their customer service is handling it so far. the tracking shows it was delivered 4 days ago in a state 1000 miles from me and they are insisting that they addressed it correctly and telling me I need to check with the post office. but if it does end up being fake I might be better off if they lost it and gave me a refund instead anyway.  

Is that state possibly Alabama lol? I keep having this issue on Waterstones where my correct state (TN) is selected, but when I move to next check-out screen, it has defaulted back to Alabama (first alphabetically). Has happened multiple times and I keep having to correct it. Address is correct in my profile. Anyway, just wondering…may just be me 



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