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Im not paying for return. Chargeback it is

I wrote a long message on their customer service feedback forum, basically saying please do not me send a boiler-plate reply about how to return an item but rather provide me with some explanation and show some accountability for how this farce may have occurred.

Still waiting for a reply...probably got deleted,

Seems to be more shitte like this happening recently. Greed's never a good look. Hopefully they don't do the Banquet Records move and say you're "banned." That is truly insane. GL. 

Received a reply from Waterstones yesterday - so they took a moment to respond.

Basically, they have been assured by Harper Collins that the books have been "hand-signed by MBB herself, without the use of any automated instrument or device". Interesting, as I never mentioned autopen, only secretarial.

Hmmm. Now where have I heard this kind of assurance before?

She's not Bob Dylan - I can't be bothered exploring it any further myself so will either take it back or not, dunno.

Another in-person example which I have no reason to  doubt.

I have returned my BAM copy, probably stuck with the Waterstones. I don't want to pay shipping from West Coast US to the UK for a book. They certainly are just going by what the publisher said.

BAM didn't really answer anything, just sent me a postage paid return label.

Speaking of which, Banquet has quite a bit of signed cd's and vinyl of Liam's back in stock. "Restock" amount really hasn't budged in days. 

woof, that's certainly just the fake copy. and they are asking $32 for it!

How did I miss this???

I just sent Waterstones a Very Long Email basically telling them to send me a return label or else!!

They told me outside the UK you had to pay your own return shipping. 

Just going over old posts about this on Facebook and came across this. I do not trust TPAs at all but with something so widely considered to be a secretarial signature, it makes me wonder what their process is.

I have been monitoring her habits for a few months, looking for any sign she may have switched her style up for the book, but her signature for the in-person store signing for these books matched the group that was released for a private signing in November. I guess it is possible that these books were signed before she settled on her current style but come on now... im stuck with a few of these books from overseas orders which i never attempted to return. I would love for them to be authentic but unless I can find any evidence at all to show this was her signature in early 2023, im still saying its ghost signed like everyone else. Anyways, here's a picture I came across authenticated by JSA

Doesn’t shock me after what I’ve seen out of them before. 



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