Does anybody know or have any information on where we could obtain one of these? I just saw that Mod Sun posted this on his Instagram. I don't know if they are available for purchase or not...

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Was trying to get Avril's autograph when she released her last album, nothing signed sold on her website. 

Dan et all, she had signed items available, including her entire collection I believe, for her Lyme Disease charity somewhat recently/a few years ago! 

She did! It was late last year I believe.

Wasn’t this poster though - really hope they come on sale when her new website/store launches 

Damn, I spent so long looking, maybe it was the US store? How on Earth did I miss this :'(

Following for more information if it is available! :-) 

Following for more updates 

Also following 

Following too


Below the comment box there's a follow button, no need to post "following" and get everyone's hopes up :)

LOL, I was just about to say. I clicked the follow button, and it's working just fine.

Thankyou Jor-el 

I didn’t know you could do that sound 



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