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Could anyone help me authenticating these Nirvana autographs please?

This was found in a loft in Paris.

That is the only info I have.

I have also attached another picture of a record found at the same place and time which is also signed.

Any thoughts are welcome.

Thank you in advance!

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I'll post all the 93 albums I can find and if anyone who buys Nirvana doesn't like them,we'll scrap that album and I bet none look like these in utero.

Or just get any collector who has purchased or obtained nirvana to post their example from 93 / 94 and let's see if they come close to these in utero albums. 

What's your point?

keep posting mate

you are providing more evidence that the OP examples are 100% legit

Ok goodcat we will take your word for it!

glad we got that settled my friend

tons of signed Nirvana stuff including lyrics. Probably all fake at


yeah those are real like I can fly.

those are all fake

I permanently removed Goodcat as a member this afternoon.

If you know Nirvana autographs, could you please go to this other discussion and check out the linked autographs?




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