Thought this was a pretty cool find on RoughTrade US.

Obviously not signed by the band, signed by the Nevermind photographer.

Could be a cool Christmas gift for the Nirvana fan though.

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Also a deluxe version for the people who still have money left to spend

That's a pretty sweet Deluxe version Jason, man I wish I had a money tree growing out back!

Its way overpriced for what it is but I'm sure others out there might not feel the same. I think the one you posted for $40 is best for normal fans

thanks ordered one. To justify price the deluxe should have both Grohl and Novoselic sigs

It's all about those 2 signed photos. A few years ago I bought a couple Nirvana photos from Charles Peterson who took a lot of Seattle band shots back then and paid around $200 each I think. His pieces from galleries are double that.  So $750 is still too much but probably not as overpriced as it seems.

I'd say the higher value comes from the fact that the photo prints are signed by the photographer.  This photographer is notoriously protective of his Nevermind photos - even going as far as removing ebay listings that violate his copyright of the photos - even if they are autographed by the band members.

I'm curious, were the Charles Peterson photos also signed by him?  Great score!

Just noticed that the Rough Trade listing now shows this update (link within):

The release date for this title will be continually pushed back until a decision is reached with the litigation surrounding its contents.

*Also looks like there is an official statement on Modern Rocks listing as well. 

Only $40 on Modern Rocks - but the release has been severely delayed as mentioned above

But for those that preordered on Modern Rocks (I'd email to see if preorder still applies), they get a free signed Kurt Cobain print, signed by K. Weddle.

Thanks, I emailed and the offer is still good so I am ordering one. But I don't see where it says the print would be signed, just the book?

From the gallery:

"It’ll apply to any new orders that come in before the book can be sent out. I heard from Kirk Weddle yesterday and we should have more news in early February. The case is just dragging along at a very slow rate unfortunately "

You're right - it just says a free Kurt Cobain print.  Although I would *hope* the print would be signed as well for the long wait.

Picked these signed prints from Photographer Kevin Estrada during Christmas !!! Love It !!!!



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