Let's reserve this thread for any non-musician signed books and other items, at least until a dedicated forum exits for those posts.

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Were you able to return it long after purchase? I bought this a whiiiile back and just now noticing this. Sheesh.

Yes, I was! I usually keep the Order # handy on ALL purchases so with that, my money was refunded.  This was B&N online.  Good Luck with yours!

How long ago did you purchase it from when you returned it for a refund?

Over a year.

Not sure if this has been covered here, and perhaps it’s a silly question given who he is, but is there a chance for any signed copies of Prince Harry’s “Spare” book? 

no.  Major Royals would never sign anything like a book and Harry is person non grata over here

Who on earth would anyone want a signed book by him !!! He's a ....  - well I can't swear on here can i !!!

Many would, myself included. His interview on Colbert was great. 

Agreed, his mom and him are probably the only "royals" I'd allow in my collection. But I get why people go both ways with it depending on where you are from and how you view them for countless reasons.

There is, but it is $100,000 per signed book !


do you have the link out of interest Herve? bargain price I feel!!!



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