Not sure if this should be posted here or if there's a better place for it but I happened to see these looking for something else. They may have already been posted somewhere I didn't see.

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You can also get this directly from Amazon Germany for a similar price! Awesome, thank you.

After reading your comment, I checked US Amazon site and they have it as well:

Unfortunately sold out right now :D

The us Amazon still has them not sure if they ship to other countries or not 

Available from Amazon UK for only £142.50

Out of Many, One: Portraits of America's Immigrants (Deluxe Signed Edition)

Amazon had a single one of these in stock, and I got this instead:

Seemed like a pretty good price to me. You get those cheaper on eBay, but opened / used, not sealed. Will keep mine sealed, as a collectible.

With 166.26 EUR (~ 202.25 USD) new this was also cheaper than on any other Amazon site:

Would be interested to hear what you guys think about this :)

I think its a nice item but some people may not like the oil paintings.  Am still thinking about pre ordering a copy. Out of interest how do you get all of the amazon prices up in one go without going to each indiviudal country?

Isn't the "Out of Many, One" one a collection of oil paintings as well? :D

Seems like that would be a more desirable book for most Bush fans than the one I listed especially at a lower price. I am also curious how you were able to compare all the different Amazon sites. 

Thanks for your opinions! @michelle @PFCollector

For the price comparison between the different Amazon sites, use!

Click on the tab "Search" and post the link of your desired item from whatever Amazon country page (for example "" for the Portraits of Courage Signed Edition - price comparison would be in USD in this case as you provide a .com-link). The site then shows you the price development for this item at the given Amazon country site.

On the bottom of the page then click on "Compare international Amazon prices" and you get this overview + price development for different countries :)

I saw a bush signed book on amazon or barnes and noble for $30. I need to find it.

That would be a steal if you find an extra one send me a link haha.



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