Notorious eBay Seller Of Fakes Now Has Psa/Dna Stickers On Everything... What Gives?

Hi Everyone-

      After ("allegedly") being burned by eBay Seller sportsnmore9999 on more than one occasion, I learned through this forum: ( that many had the same experience and that, rather than offering a misguided mix of genuine and counterfeit signed items, it appeared that this was ("allegedly") more like a straight-up factory of fakes, most being "certified" with a TD (Team Derek) hologram sticker, which this Forum has also deemed problematic:(

      Now I find that their inventory has been streamlined (specifically signed rock/pop lp listings) and ALL are now ("allegedly") certified by PSA/DNA. The question here is, are we seeing an ("alleged") onslaught of counterfeit PSA/DNA stickers and certificates, or is someone at PSA/DNA ("allegedly") "on the take" here? Can a leopard really change it's spots?

      Unfortunately, I could not verify any of these items through the PSA/DNA database, as none of the images posted are set so you can magnify the image enough to read the sticker numbers. Additionally, pics of the certification cards are labelled "Sample Only", deeming both the stickers and certificates useless in verifying the authenticity of the corresponding signed pieces.

      For the record, I only buy signed lps, mainly because I find it harder to be tricked, unlike lp "flats" and photographs, which can easily be duplicated from genuinely signed originals. Some examples of current listings by this Seller can be seen below. Please see the following link to this Seller's listings page for this Seller's full inventory and share your thoughts.

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Why not write and ask for a few numbers to verify?

I echo Eric's comment.

Ask for the cert numbers and maybe even ask why the cert numbers in their photos are not discernible.

It’s extraordinarily suspicious that of his 200 or so items all have PSA DNA stickers, yet not a single one is clear enough to read (despite the items themselves being fairly crisp). The SAMPLE card is another huge red flag. 

+1 why not show the number? A clear photo? Such fuzzy photos...

If PSA is concerned enough to make a living off of (supposedly) protecting the community, then they should be overly concerned about sellers potentially using fake documentation to profit off of them and us.

Sportsnmore9999 - forger from New Jersey named Mike Morgan. This is just his latest scheme. eBay should have banned this clown years ago. 

+1 good eye.

Seamus, he has been reported a number of times for his Queen fakes. I got 3 of his other accounts banned or removed for offering the same Queen fakes over the last year. I can't believe this one is still up. 

Has anybody alerted PSA about this?

I’m betting PSA did these during one of their hotel traveling discounted sessions they do for dealers.

That certainly is a possibility. Something similar apparently happened with JSA and forgeries from the same source.

If they did I would think the seller would show photos of the actual PSA DNA cert cards, not the meaningless sample cards. 


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