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Added to basket wouldn't let me buy as I'm in UK would have loved one :(

Wish it was UK

Books a Million had it too. If they're in stock maybe they'd ship it.  

Thank you for letting me know. 

Has gone up for pre-order at West End Lane Books for UK buyers:


Suspect a few other booksellers will have it too. 

I am interested but this is similar to Pamela Anderson. I only care because of her icon status in pop culture.. shes a terrible actress and singer. I dont see her doing anything else aside from running her brand.. maybe a possible presidential campaign in 20 years? Haha yeah right. Shes just famous for being famous. Yet I'm still tempted

Pam Anderson at least has a legacy of film and television work that will always be around, even if a chunk of that content was comprised of low-rent erotic thrillers (FWIW, I still consider Barb Wire to be an underrated pseudo-superhero film). She's also an advocate for different causes, so at least she's giving something back to various organizations.

I can't say that about Paris Hilton. I also can't stand books that chalk up a celebrity's antics to a combination of (in the book's own description), "(a) self-proclaimed “superpower” of ADHD" and "beloved all over the globe."


Sometimes people like something that's trash. Not everything one likes had to be fine art. Everyone has guilty pleasures. And that's fine.

As long as you don't try to justify that something is what it's not.  You shouldn't have to apologize for what you like just because me or anyone else didn't get it.  If it makes you happy-then get it.  That's my 2 cents 

There’s something to be said for someone resilient enough to rise from the ashes of multiple scandals and maintain her success. Even though she comes from money, she works hard and makes her own. She’s found new ways to build her skill set and brand. Lots of kids with money just become burnouts. She created a character much like Angelyne, Mae West, Dolly Parton and Elvira. All of those women also merchandise non-stop. 

She’s also been in the news recently for coming out about the abuse she endure in a rehabilitation program. She’s lobbying for changes in laws to protect minors. 

I liked her pop album a great deal. 

Now also available for preorder from Waterstones in the UK


Very happy with mine from an independent store in the UK!

I was very pleased with my copy from Barnes and Noble but I want to have a copy like yours too ;-) :-D 


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