PART 2: Tupac Amaru Shakur - 2pac forgeries - "To Alan" forgeries

PART 2: Tupac Amaru Shakur - 2pac forgeries - "Alan autographs".

Leaked around 2010 on Ebay.

"To Alan" forgeries...simply because I remember that person who sold and make these not authentic items name was Alan and he was and is based in United States. He also stated that He was directly on the set of Tupac music video and He received all his 2pac autographs in person,one even with dedication.

As illustrated in the photos below, Shakur signed the jewel case and the story was that Tupac took it from his hands and in rush signed the case BUT STILL HE HAD time to open it and signed once more,this time on the CD, I don't recall what happend to booklet which should be first to be signed but who knows maybe its somewhere..?:)

I know that his items circle around the market and more people are getting ripped off. Last month magazine signed by his hand was sold to unknown buyer and also one CD is still on Ebay!

SIGNED THE SOURCE 1994 MAGAZINE with Academy of Manuscript and Autograph,LLC
LOA #A297980:
Sellers Ebay ID: gbrareautographs --->

ME AGAINST THE WORLD SIGNED CD with Global Authentics LOA #GV666176:
Sellers Ebay ID: olnjcolle --->

I don't know how many pieces were signed by Alan but I am convinced that more than the ones shown in this thread because I even found video on youtube with his forged and framed items ( BIG on left - PAC on right) on someones wall --->,

I am also sure that He tried with Notorious BIG autographs and some of them were sold too but that's topic not about Biggie Smalls.

Summarizing main factor will be the KODAK paper that all photos were printed on that as in case of Part 1 article AGFA Prestige -both photo papers were released to photo labs long after Tupacs death. Alans hand is easy to spot and I hope You will not be fooled by this conman's poor creations.

I am currently working on PART 3 which will be bigger and I still wait for some materials to get them ready for next publication. I hope that I will shed light at couple Auction Houses sales that were listed with full knowledge about items falsehood.

Also while I was working on PART 1 2pac Forgeries, Sellers Ebay ID: gettatpaper send me not only AGFA Prestige fake Tupac autograph but also other ones done in the same hand that ARE 100% NOT GENUINE!! (Signed 2pacalypse CD is done by someone else).

Photos below:

As always I wish collectors all the best! 

CLICK HERE --->PART 1: 2pac forgeries Agfa Prestige paper. Early 2000s.

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As someone who has exposed forgeries for a very, very long time, I can appreciate the work you're doing here, ChLeeRay.

Thank you for your kind words. I will try my best, there is HUGE amount of material that I have saved but it will take time to post it all here. 

What do all these have in common?

They are accompanied by a worthless COA. Many from the same usual suspects...

Very well explained nice.
I almost bought this Tupac Magazine in my early days.
Thanks here on this forum and a few opinions I have left it.
First it was advertised in the sales ad, with a photo as proof where Tupac stood in front of a girl, with a pen in her hand which did not fit.
And then the seller told me Tupac signed it on a radio station back then.?!?
all weird Stories.

Ohh I think I know which photo .. . That particular one is from Brotherhood Crusade Charity Event,Los Angeles November 21, 1995.

FAKE SIGNED MAGAZINE with that particular photograph:

yes exactly this photo I meant
At the time, I had written to the certificate authenticator if he could tell me more about the autograph on the magazine, I think Jack is his name, he had blocked me after the request.




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