Patti Smith - Signed Book - A Book Of Days - Pre Order 15th November 2022

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Thanks - I've cancelled my Waterstones. If you contact them they basically just say "wait or cancel". 

Watersrones IS signed on Book and Blackwells IS a signed bookplate , i prefer waterstones signed Book 

but who knows if and when you’ll get it from Waterstones. I got one signed book today from them but the warehouse system is so broken they’re having stores mail out books. 

Did it actually say that on the Waterstone's page?   I don't recall actually seeing it listed that way.  Most places have straight-up listed it as bookplated. Waterstones will send out bookplates sometimes and not list it as such.  Without confirmation one might be better to assume it's bookplated like most others.

I was not happy with Waterstones a few years ago when they sold signed Jenson Button books which turned out to be signed bookplates. They promised me that they would make clear in their description if a book was bookplated.

I guess it all comes down to preference.  I didn't honestly mind the bookplates for Dave Grohl from Blackwells because I thought the little caricature of him was neat. And I have one from Colin Powell that has this nice patriotic bookplate that just goes with the book. But sometimes, if you can afford to be picky, you just want it on the book. 

The signed bookplate version is still available at Blackwells if anyone is interested

A Book of Days : Patti Smith: Bookplate Signed by the Author : 2100...

Received my copy today.  This is from Waterstones, btw, and it is signed to a bookplate:

In today’s mail from McNally Jackson. Flatsigned, as I always prefer. It’s a big little book. Can’t wait to read it.

Very nice Tom! I’d have preferred the flat-signed as well but happy to be getting the bookplated over nothing! 


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