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I think he learned from previous signings, the hey grandude event was ticketed and they told us there were only 100 tickets sold. Made it an amazing experience because he talked to each of us for a bit. 

Looking to trade some autographs for a book if anyone has it and is willing to trade it :-) 

I just read that he's not signing any more. He said something like there's no point in writing down his name. Everyone knows who he is. He'd rather chat with you and get to know you. 

Unfortunately it’s not a great autograph, you can see on the EBay ones. The McCartney is just an M and a squiggle. You’d think he could have made a bit of an effort with these!

I agree. A really poor autograph - I would have thought he would have made an effort at that price!

That makes the one I posted for 1000 pounds seem like a bargain by comparison. 

Exactly my reaction, Marshall!

It makes me more glad that I already have his autograph in my collection, for sure. That said, now that he’s formally announced his move away from signing, who knows what the value is for this book - I guess we’ll see soon enough whether someone will pay it!!

This will sell very soon, prices on ebay are higher than that and even bookstore auctions fetch over 5K on average.

Has anyone even received the book from one of original deals i.e. Rough Trade for 1k £ or Hatchards for 750£? Or did both bookstores cancel the orders as retail price was 1500£+?

Seems like Booka is spreading these out, each time with a jump in price. Now £6500



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