This piece puzzles me.  It was listed here on AML for $795.  It sold July 7th on eBay for $895.  Whoever bought for $895 then listed it a month later on eBay for $850, and then sent me a private offer for $775, apparently willing to take a loss of about $200 when you include eBay selling fees.  It was taken down yesterday, unsold on eBay...but likely sold straight through PayPal.  

It comes with an LOA from Perry Cox.  With most sellers now seemingly wanting $1250 to $3000 for a Macca signed book why would someone be prepared to sell this for only $775 and take a hit of around a $200 loss to get rid of it? 

I've been kicking myself for not jumping on it for $775, but I’m wondering what the mystery is about this item.


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Perhaps it is problematic for some reason?

It looks that way.

I remember this discussion. The only thing this McCartney has going for it is a Perry Cox LOA. 

Gotcha.  If this were real, someone here would have probably picked it up.  So it’s likely that the ebay purchaser from July may have decided it likely wasn’t authentic so he/she was willing to sell it at a loss.

Some McCartneys I can tell right away they’re fake, but others I’m not sure.  This is one of them for me, but I’ll trust your opinion on this one, Joe.  Now I feel better about not getting it.

Is there anything that stands out to you that you’d want to comment on?

Don't just take my word for it. I am not an authenticator nor an expert of Paul McCartney. This may well be authentic. As with any autographs I purchase they match a certain style or era I am comfortable with. Seems when I stray too far into unknown territory I get burned.

Looks authentic to me -- and I remember from the initial discussion it also came with a Lee Hunter (Walls of Sound) LOA with detailed description of the signing. Lee has an excellent reputation and I doubt both him and Perry would conspire to make up a story about how this was obtained.   As for the price there are TONS of unsold McCartney's up on eBay for ridiculous prices -- so you really have to look at the confirmed "Sold" prices. Plus, this is a 45 EP and not a full size LP (those go higher).  

In the last Gotta Have It auction a nicely signed McCartney "Paintings" book with Tracks LOA did not get a bid at the opening price of $500. ($625 with fees).  

So there is no mystery here --  you just have to do your homework and some searching to find the relative bargains out there.  

Great information, Bruce!  You’re right.  It did come with a Lee Hunter LOA too.  I didn’t know who he was...but now I do!  

You're also right about the crazy prices sellers on eBay are asking for McCartney autographs.  There’s an Up in the Clouds signed book with an opening bid of over $3500!  It’s been on there for awhile.  I’m really think someone is going to fork over that much for a McCartney signed book?!  He’s been relisting it over and over.  That’s closer to John Lennon prices.

Yes, it's crazy what some people want for their McCartney autographs. He probably has signed many 1000's more than Lennon and you would think the prices would be further apart. Makes Lennon graphs seem like a bargain sometimes!

It looks fine to me.

the BIN prices on Ebay are ridiculous and no one should use those as a guide to value.  in true auction, depending on the item, the winning bids can be 1/3 of the BIN price for similar items.  I picked up a signed McCartney beatles album (granted, it was greatest hits from the early 80's) with a full early 80's signature, and Tracks LOA (and letter from the person who obtainted it) for 600.

I think about the lowest BIN price for a signed High in the Clouds book is about $1500 with others at $2k, and the one with an opening bid of $3495!  The guy with the $3495 just keeps relisting.  There’s no chance anyone would be stupid enough to pay $3495 for it.  He’s hoping for a sucker...but good luck!  

I always look at the sold prices to see the actual market.  Even if you make a reasonable offer, most of these sellers will decline it.  Just.a couple years ago, I bought a High in the Clouds signed book got $630 with a JSA LOA on eBay.  But now, for whatever reason, these sellers are wanting Lennon prices for McCartney autographs.

I ended up selling my McCartney book for $675 when I used the money to put it towards the Lennon signed book I got.

Ironically, I don’t think the highest priced one currently on eBay is even authentic.




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