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Am I correct in thinking this one's okay? 

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not in my opinion, I see issues with this

I agree. Not authentic IMO. That’s the only signature?

Good thing I asked then. Yeah, that's the only sig. 

Not for me, agree with the others. Starts off bad, follows through.

It sold for about £1200 with the BP.

Was it done by the same forger as this set? 

Yes, I believe so. Good catch. That’s why I asked if it was the only signature. 

Agree, several characteristics in common apart from the "P".

What do you think? The forger missed the ‘R’ this time around.

I was sold on the "C's" and that second "a".

I get that the upper one is a forgery, what about the lower one?

The lower one is from a full set of forgeries. Both Maccas are from the same forger.

Thanks for the info :) Yeah, makes sense... both of these forgeries share the same problematic traits.


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