Proof Of Provenance Scam: Ebay Seller Rebuildwarriors And John Glenn Signed Envelope

I usually reserve my threads for exposing the tons of forgeries we observe on Ebay every single day and the sellers that list and sell them.

Ebay, in my opinion, is a haven for scammers.

Ebay is a haven for scammers because the scammers are well aware that Ebay is heavily-populated with impulse buyers and delusional autograph collectors.

But today's thread is different.

Now check out this very authentic John Glenn signed envelope listed by Ebay seller Rebuildwarriors.  

It is coupled with a COA from JSA.

Here is the auction description from Ebay seller Rebuildwarriors.

You might have to click your mouse on the below image to get a closer view.

Observe that the JSA cert number is CC62243.

So I went to the JSA cert check database to verify the authentication and here is what I discovered.

Observe that the image only shows the John Glenn autograph on the envelope and no type-written note.

This is a Provenance Scam.

The note that is on the envelope was typed after JSA authenticated it, along with the BS story!!!

Of course this doesn't surprise or shock me.

A John Glenn signed envelope usually sells for between $75.00 and $200.00.

Ebay seller Rebuildwarriors has theirs listed for $1,800.00 or Best Offer.

The top one is from the listing from Ebay seller Rebuildwarriors and the one below it is from the JSA website.

My investigation reveals that John Glenn passed away two years before the  above John Glenn signed envelope was authenticated by JSA.

There is no way John Glenn could have typed that note!!!

Proof positive 100% that this is a scam.

Proof that the provenance claim by Ebay seller Rebuildwarriors is a lie!!!!

I am looking into the below Barbara Bush listing from Ebay seller Rebuildwarriors which reads similar to the John Glenn listing.

You may have to click your mouse on the below image to get a closer look.

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This seller and any others that participate in scams like this need to be booted from Ebay at the very least and prosecuted.  I also wish collectors would use more common sense when "investing' in items like this. Why would JG hand type this message on an envelope totally unrelated to the flight referenced, and then sign it?  But there is no bottom to what these thieves will do to turn a buck.  It gets worse every day in this hobby.

It sure does, Terrier.

Makes me sick and it's the reason I will continue to post threads on the crap that occurs on Ebay.

what is more upsetting is that no one seems to give a crap........

You're right about that, Terrier, but a few of is still do.

Wow, that’s a pretty brazen scam considering that the envelope is pictured in the database in its original state. We’ve seen another scam in which database entires with no image were used to sell forgeries, but this is a new one.

We were lucky, Ballroom, the cert database included an image.

Is it worth the risk?  Brazen, as Ballroom suggests, for sure.  Perhaps more people do not look up the certs than I would expect.  

I knew of a guy on another web site I frequented that used to purchase Richard Nixon signed books.  He then cut the signed page out, added his resignation letter to it.  Here is an "after" example of what he did.

It was just a signed blank page before he added all the rest.

Great post, Jim.

Here is a sold item from the same seller. Johnny Unitas game-used sneakers with an alleged note of provenance from Art Donovan. The provenance note is on an offsize piece of paper.

That is freaking incredible!!!

what was Beckett actually certing on the above example?



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