Ive used BAS quick opinion couple of times to see ofc if the item is genuine.. Every single time the answer was the same, Unlikely to pass, even though some autographs were signed in person and have that typical style..

After that i tried an experiment, i found 2 BAS items on Ebay, hide the Coa and sent them for opinion and i couldn't believe again the same answer, Unlikely to pass.. That's a total waste of time and specially your money, its better and cheaper to ask here for opinion or in some FB group! 

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An additional and excellent reason to self educate.

IMO an item sent for Quick Opinion should already be vetted for live ink, the known secretarials, signing habits, preprints, poor forgeries and all the rest - those things are the responsibility of the collector (and where the fun is). 

Eric -  I share your opinion about the collector's task and definitely agree that that's where much of  the fun is. It's stimulating for me mentally & emotionally to do that vetting and brings me great happiness to be engaged in it (which is what a hobby ideally does, IMHO).

Having said that, the hobby's landscape has changed radically.  Due to marketing, the TPAs and those using their services are the twin engine that powers much of collecting today.  We've gone over the pros and cons of this many times here.   An earlier post of mine today shared a rebuff I had from a collector I was dealing with.  I was attempting to reason with them of the primary importance of their own study and vetting in making a decision about the piece they were interested in.  Nothing doing.

I've said it before and will say it again. Beckett is the worst to get a quick opinion from. Don't waste  your money with them. IMHO.

Wouldn't it be more in Beckett's (or whichever's) interest to go more toward "Likely To Pass Full Authentication" on a QO so that you would have more of an incentive to send it in for their full service letter and the fee for it?

I've had it both ways. Likely to pass and it failed. Mostly Unlikely to pass that I got authenticated by a different TPA.

Their Quick Opinion service stinks. I will never spend another nickel with them again.

I once received a result of “Unable to render an opinion” along with a note encouraging me to send the item in for full authentication.

That would certainly make me want to send them some more money!

Nothing surprises me with TPA's and good on you for doing this, crazy to see they reject the same item they passed, almost laughable!

I also agree, Beckett's quick opinion is not better that a coin toss. It's not a service, it's a money making exercise.

Beckett have made bad judgements for a long time.

As far as quick opinions go, this forum is as good, if not better, than most, especially when you get to know who the experienced members are. To avoid too many mistakes, research, research, research is the your best authenticator.


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