Hello everyone, I’m pretty new to the autograph and memorabilia game. I need some advice on an item I’m interested in. So I’ve found a game used and signed Marques colston Jersey from the New Orleans saints. It’s for sale for a reasonable $700 on eBay. But I’ve also found the exact same Jersey on sports memorabilia.com for $1300. I did some research and on nfl auction.com and an another auction website his game used and signed Jersey were between $600-$850. It does have a psa/dna but only says that it is authentic, nothing about being game worn or signed. I’ve included some pictures to help out.


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It's the same autographed jersey.

Sportsmemorabilia.com "borrows" other auctions, marks up the price and then lists it.

Then if it sells, they pay the original owner of the item the Ebay listed price.

What anyone would buy anything from Sportsmemorabilia.com is beyond me.

Yeah that’s what I figured. I Meant to add that is the Jersey even legit game used or signed? since it doesn’t say it in the psa/dna result.

I was wondering how they can maintain a "billion" dollar inventory! lol

Keep in mind PSA is only authenticating the autograph. Not the fact that the item is game used. Game used authentication would have to come from the NFL. I'm not sure how they do that as I don't really collect football. But be aware that PSA never authenticates the game used aspect of items. 

that's the answer i was looking for. i'm guessing its probably game issue not game used or at least you cant prove it.

I'm not sure how the NFL handles game used. For MLB they have a holographic sticker with a serial number. That serial number is in a database which gives you the date and description of when and how the item was used. The only other way to verify a game used item is by photo matching, which can be tricky. If an item has a very specific stain, for example. Pin stripes can also be like fingerprints. They are slightly different for each jersey or pants. In the case of this particular item, I don't see any feature that could be photo matched. So if it doesn't come with an NFL verification then your taking the seller's word for it. Which isn't worth much because if you ever sell the item you'll be asking a buyer to take your word for it. So I wouldn't pay a penny of premium for that jersey because it says "game used". 

exactly, and i wouldn't be surprised if the inscription was added after the fact by an unscrupulous seller, or possible even by colston himself as a paid extra, ut not really being a GU item. i've even started seeing disclaimers for upcoming signings that athletes will not sign "Game Used" as an inscription on stuff, so they must have been getting enough requests from scumbags to do so.



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