I started an earlier discussion on TPA services. Knowing both are imperfect up front my question is which, of these two, impresses you the most? And why?

I am getting ready to pick one to use. Most members here are very knowledgeable and I would like some thoughtful, experienced opinions.


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I do not trust Beckett. :-( I have seen some of their certs with some people I believe to deal in forgeries, but that's not to say those individuals have some legitimate stuff as well.

But I trust JSA. Maybe I am wrong.

I have also seen a bunch of Beckett used by a person who is a known dealer of fake items.

Beckett made a great power move when they acquired Grad from PSA DNA.  That being said, I feel that PSA did well in replacement. I feel very comfortable with Kevin.  I feel that JSA has increased market share at the expense of accuracy. I have seen more significant errors as workload has increased.  

As others have pointed out, confidence goes hand in hand with area of specialization....sports, music, Hollywood, historical

just my perspective, joe.

Daniel, the reason I didn't include JSA in this discussion is that I was seeing some things that concerned me. I really concentrate of two general fields. Music and Hollywood. 

I do understand there are some specialists that I would look to for specific autographs. For instance, Phil Sears on Disney, etc. 

My intent is to pick one as my primary service because it is easier on me. Really, anything I send for authentication will be pretty much a slam dunk as I do my research. The independent paperwork simply adds credibility to the signature.

I meet beckett and jsa in person to have some stuff done for people

jsa treated me like a human and beckett treated me like I was doing them a favor 

and u know I don't belive in any off these crooks

Agreed Marc.  JSA seems more customer friendly.  Very responsive to all of my inquiries.  PSA just tells me that is the way the system is designed, not interested in hearing feedback or improving customer interfaces.

I don't use any of these services, but perhaps if the folks who did stated which they prefer for what and why (if they don't use just one)?

Would like to hear if someone uses different TPA services based on specific genres. If some services are superior over the others in a certain field that would be valuable information to know.

This costs money so I want to do it right!

beatles yes

not many or any will touch nirvana

steve grad is on the record on not liking to certify new autographs as there so

sloppy  and a mess

one will not work for all  and as I said for resell beckett all the way

I'm guessing you'll see a split on this, as experiences most certainly vary. I've seen enough crap out of both of them to have minimal respect for what they do and how they do it.

The "Gilmour" posted today with JSA cert says a lot. Seamus recognized it easily and knew it was certified, and also not genuine. I know it is not helpful but I want to say "each signature on it's merits" again - I could never decide on 2 entities. That is just me. I respect Joe and his approach to this. I also know I am not a typical collector - be that good or bad.

I think this board raises the possibility that all are very much fallible and that buyer beware applies. A cert is no substitute for due diligence. But I suppose it is better than some clown printing off a home-made certificate of authenticity!




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