PSA/DNA Authenticator Changes: Grad & Sobrero Depart, Keating & Corcoran Hired

On Friday, PSA/DNA announced that they hired sports autograph dealers Kevin Keating and Bill Corcoran as full-time authenticators.

Friday was also the day that authenticators Steve Grad and Brian Sobrero departed PSA/DNA, reportedly to start their own autograph company.

I wrote a little piece about it with links to Sports Market Report interviews with Keating and Corcoran:

Kevin Keating & Bill Corcoran Join PSA/DNA as Steve Grad & ...

Big news in the autograph field. What do you think?

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If the sticker were round with a round insignia it could never be crooked...

If this were paintings or photography we would NEVER allow such a mark.


Hey, they could be clear or semi-transparent with the number and small company logo in a small font - imagine that.

I'd like them better on the back.

If there was a like button, I couldn't agree more. These stickers, especially on smaller items are horrible!

Not sure if they are available... I have never seen a tamper evident sticker that is transparent.

Make no mistake, these stickers are marketing tools. The companies do not want them subtle. And the big commercial customers don't want them subtle either.

there are, 

we use them in the music industry when u peel them up it leavs a void on the sticker

As would I, but it did not make for a compelling comparison image in this context ;) smaller, darker, and in actually in the corner certainly is more acceptable but I agree - Reverse or none.

Hi Steve,

I hear we sent a man to the moon so I might bet a tamper evident sticker is doable. Wanted? That is a different thing. I think items with Observe stickering are worth a bit less than items with Reverse stickering or no stickering at all (it seems some don't realize either is an option). But then I think there should be a overall quality grade (not just the sig) of "A", "B" and "C" on the slab, and things like "Lamination" should certainly be mentioned on the slab.

Yes, they are marketing tools - that is part of the problem - it shows!

I have nothing with a sticker. I can't think of a scenario where I would not be a deal breaker for me. It is possible I would accept one, but I fear it would look larger and larger each time I saw it - Obverse or Reverse.

I agree with you. Nothing against the companies, but I do not want items with stickers on them... especially vintage items. For whatever reason, a sticker on a contemporary mass produced private signing 8x10 doesn't bother me so much, but it is a needle in the eye on a vintage item. I have passed over MANY vintage NASA signed lithographs for my own collection because they had a sticker on the front.  

That said, I think we are far outnumbered by collectors of modern sports and entertainment who see the sticker as a value add.

Just my opinion.

"...Where IT would not be a deal breaker for me..." - edit is not editing.



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