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opening another thread because "Replies are closed for this discussion" on the previous one

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It was the second record along with Alter Bridge and BLS.


He reloaded his site around BF, not sure if anything was a sleeve though. Probably still selling 

wow, $70 for Wolfie now, what happened to Newbury?! "Secret's out" to the resellers, I suppose and they're just trying to keep pace,

Used to be a main go-to source, now they are more of a seldom used outlet

Sigrid The Hype 10" - Signed Copy UK only


Anne Marie UNHEALTHY Signed Alternative Artwork 2023 CD or Vinyl


Lazy Bonez "kiss of the night" signed


Dead Boys – Younger, Louder And Snottyer (CD – Signed by Cheetha Chrome)


Train Pat Monahan signed. Only 1 copy, bet it goes quick. Hopefully to a collector.


Hi Danny, glad to see you post this. It had actually been up for a couple of days along with a Pat Monahan signed 'Drops of Jupiter' vinyl that lasted about a day. I'm sure you know that they'll usually release a few more from their stock as they sell with corresponding price increase of around $5. I used to post bigger names from this website but some people complained about it so I stopped. Good to see you posting the bigger names though, even if a few are only available an actual collector may find one they've been looking for. Cheers. 

Engelbert Humperdinck – Engelbert Calling – The Boxset (4x 7″ Box Set – Signed by Engelbert Humperdinck) (Imported)



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