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Don't know the signature but you may get more views if you change the title and add the name of the person you are asking about.

Here is an authentic:

Not very promising.

Ok . Thats what i was thinking . The more i compared it to photos iv seen. Actually I forgot about the bid. No wonder why it was so low 70$

Thanks for the heads up,

So i guess im stuck with it . Iv never had this happen before on ebay. ssmarketing was the seller. FL

Wow, now a new one is up

Christopher, sellers of forgeries are well aware that Ebay encourages the listing and selling of forgeries by doing nothing about it.

Ebay is a Seller Of Forgeries paradise.

Ya has put a sour taste on it now.but live and learn. So should i report this ? Return it ? Iv looked on the site and there really is no direct answers

On any given day, more forgeries are sold on Ebay than authentic autographs.  

Yes, return it.  "Item not as described."



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