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Red Hot Chili Peppers Return Of The Dream Canteen (Very Limited Autographed / Star Signed)


Is anyone familiar with this site? hope it's legit

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yeah even though I doubt they are real I don't get the Paypal thing either, why would they accept it knowing we can easily get refunded? seems like it would be easier for them to scam if they only accepted credit cards like most of the indie record stores. 

It also seems weird that they would put a limited stock if they were scamming. Why not put infinite amounts if you're just trying to scam. 

The ultimate question for me is, why would these guys get 1st dibs on selling signed items?

Exactly! First dibs over RHCP US or UK Webstores.... run fast run far! 

Maybe they know something going on at Paypal that we don't.

For items not as described I know Paypal are ending the return your items for free on us soon, maybe they are making other changes or maybe interpunk are just thinking well if 10% of people will forget about their order and never do a paypal claimback , if they do that daily for say £1000 worth of items they sell then that's £100 a day they would be stealing.....  not a bad scam when you think about it! 

This reminds me a lot about my Sia purchase from Warner Australia.. it took many many months. Never receiving a reply but eventually I did finally receive my items.. ive read that people do not have problems with this company if the items are actually in stock.. but there is no way to tell.. PayPal was definitely the way to go.. the more I read, the more I think its worth the risk.. good luck everyone

even though I'm very doubtful about this company I agree with you that it was worth the risk, if it's a scam I at least have a chance to get my money back using Paypal, and worst case scenario it was $20. I probably would have paid that for a raffle ticket for a chance to win a signed RHCP Cd lol

maybe you can help me, i don't understand why i don't receive alert on my mail box about new discussion on this forum. 

Click “Follow” at bottom of main page where topics/threads are listed (just above your name)

Thanks but sorry i try again and dont find "follow" bottom of main topics page

i find ! thanks

I never got an email when this thread was created either.  It happens occasionally, but  I do get them probably 95% of the time. 


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