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Rock and Roll Collection Concerns [Title revised by moderator]

I see this site brought up a lot on this site for autograph references.


problem is, who ever this Stephan is he has a load of forgeries up here too. I get messages from people from time to time saying he has offered to sell a member here an item or two and it is never the real stuff imo, it is usually the fake stuff. Greed. He wants money but doesn't want to part with the good stuff.

Eagles are his most famous work. Attached is a screen shot of his fake work (not limited too). Notice how they are the same..... duh. If you look through his stuff he has loads of fake Zeppelin, Beatles, Springsteen, Stones, Floyd and more. Even the so called authentic Traveling Wilbury's is not real. Maybe the George and Petty are ok but 100% not the Lynne and I'm pretty sure the Dylan is bogus also. Anyway, I don't wish to debat about this guy and his ethics but if you are using him a reference be careful and I wouldn't buy anything from the guy either.

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Here we go.


Now that your name is known, please change it in your profile. I can't.

Side by side or over and under .....at least we now have known authentic samples to compare against the questionable items that started this thread.

This lets the signatures actually speak for themselves, instead of he said-she said, and the ever dreaded "I got this in-person."

In-person is the term I dislike the most in this hobby, it's like saying I watched it being signed.

Yeah well if you signed it, you watched it being signed ...and guess what? It was likely signed in person too.

Mr. Duncan. Is it possible that some of these items were taken back on a bus and not witnessed signed or you traded with people at signings with other collectors? Also do you have pictures of the items you have been selling off to other people?

I posted the one he sold me and 6 others that he was offering with eagles sets

the top one he sold me the other 6 were offered

I was also going to do a study to show how bad the Nimoy autographs are, but it appears Mr. Duncan has taken the images off his site.  Why?

I took screen caps for that eventuality. But he has been vocal here and responding - perhaps he will address this removal. Page does say it will return with better scans.


Any truth to this Justin or have you corrected your ways now.

Justin, what name do you go by when you correspond with Epperson, does he know your Jim officer, N.steiger, Noelle, or Justin maser. You sure like to ram it up Epperson when you have a chance.

N.Steiger...Jason Maser:

I will suspend you unless you use your real name. I'll give you until the end of the day. Anything you post from now on under N.Steiger will be deleted.

This is my last time on your site Steve. Thank you for helping facilitate a safe place for collectors over the years. I tried to help, stay anonymous, but it's impossible. I can't take my name being smeared for the wrong reasons. As you personally know and have experienced mud is easily slang on the internet. I am sorry for going against Roger Epperson a couple times. He shouldn't be immune to scrutiny or judgment on any site no matter how many friends he has here. I have supported him, still do, thousands of times as the best authenticator around, I use him, and promote him in my auctions and still will (if he will allow me). That doesn't mean he can't be wrong and no one should follow anyone blindly into battle. I think you need to reassess some things. Like the priority of this site. Is it to expose forgers or badger accusers? Seems like if you go against the grain ever so slightly there is this core group that gangs up and attacks you. Many of them, are not in person collectors so their knowledge comes from others and faith and not personal experience. And as the lead admin you should really stay neutral but you don't always. Every forger is a good guy till he is exposed. Mr Duncan has been exposed big time and MANY people agree but you allow a few people to gang up on me and hijack the threat and frankly you fueled it to a personal level. Do what you must sir, delete this, delete me better off. I am off to do my thing and I'm not looking back. Thanks those who email me almost weekly asking for help, you know who you are, you are many. Thank you for seeing through the fog. Be well and happy collecting. J


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