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Nice one! Looks like it may also be signed by Jools Holland.

Of course. I've been holding off on an order at b&n for days and finally made it early today. Had to do some fill ins for free shipping since they keep raising it. Grrrrr maybe I should cancel and add this instead 

Nice, thanks for posting!

There's examples of these on ebay and they look awful. 


This doesn't release until late February.

Thanks for posting!

Anybody else have their order cancelled? Ordered two signed cds back in January and just received the “unable to fulfill order” email

Same here, I ordered back on 1/4/24 and received the cancellation email on 3/1/24.

Quite a few of the B&N cancellations were noted under the thread for the EU/AU versions


Yep. I got a cancel notice on my order

I definitly got a CANCELL from Barnes & Noble too.  But did 1 from UK and 1 from Australia.


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