Is anyone going (or has gone) to Roger Waters Us and Them Tour and gotten autographs? If so, any tips?

I may go to one of the Chicago shows at the United Center, or the St Paul show. Any idea where to look for him or what times? Is it better to check the venue or hotel?

Thanks for any help!

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Sounds like venue to me. I'd get there early afternoon and just plant yourself. I'm thinking of doing the same in Chicago or Milwaukee.

If in town for more than a day,some are doing hotel. Easiest way without info is get to the arena early (before soundcheck). They enter usually around back stage areas. Look for that entrance and there might be graphers there already,get in line wait for him to pull in and his security usually lets one person approach the vehicle at a time. The talk was he wasn't signing some things and don't bother with instruments,Lp seem best and its 1 per. If he is late or doesn't feel like it he might not but you have a great chance. Good luck and report back here!

That's how he did it in Phoenix. He got there for soundcheck and signed from the vehicle. He signed at hotel night before as well.
I'll be seeing him at Nassau coliseum in sept.gonna try too.

I'm considering coming out of retirement and trying Wells Fargo Center in Philly the first night. He's doing three concerts here so he might burn out.I already got a message on fb about 'dam man don't tell everybody!" Who knows how much longer this great musician will tour or do this so I can at least help out my AML friends! Good luck every body!

Thanks for the replies and advice. I'm leaning toward Chicago because he has 2 shows, so that will give me an extra chance. I seen the video where he turned down signing a baseball, so don't bring those, but I'm planning a record sleeve... just have to decide which one would look best since I like them all.

He's said this might be his last tour so it might be the last chance to get an in person signature... and Id really like to get one that I know is real.

If anyone knows where the artist entrance is at the United Center let me know. I'll definitely post any results here... good or bad.
What album do you guys think looks best signed? I like all of them.

I might try with the promo 12"x12" flat from this recent pre order (half of which is still delayed).

Basically its what you like best. Dark Side Of The Moon is my favorite and one of the best selling Lps of all time. I consider that their masterpiece. The Wall,Animals and Wish You were here all follow.Im not sure what to do as I have three Dark Sides already and one with Mason on it but don't have Animals or Wall. Sure would be great to get my very own Dark Side signed, ugh!

Nice looking Dark Side! I have been searching eBay for something to get signed, but I think you guys are right, I'll stick with an album sleeve. I want something that the signature will stand out on, so I'm thinking The Wall or Dark Side would be best bet. Hard decision when I like every album haha.

Anyone have luck at any of his shows yet? If anyone ends up going to the United Center to try, send me a message or post on here. Maybe we can share some info if we hear anything.

That's a full one!

Thanks fellas! latest reports Iv'e  read is that he is only signing Lps and show tickets, so beware what you bring!



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