Hello, I would like your opinion on these different autographs, thank you in advance;)

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The Shatner + Nimoy is the style that has been discussed many times here. They are sold by a number of sellers claiming to be the product of a private signing. I, and many others, do not believe it. I do not believe these are authentic. 

+1 That is certainly not Shatner!

Thank you for your answer, yet I have a certificate AFTAL Dealer N ° 145 pour le Shatner/Nimoy

The Arnold Schwarzenegger is not genuine, nothing like any authentic autograph I have seen from him. and would say that's an bad attempt at his autograph just another forgery.

How long ago did you buy these forgeries? How did you pay? What return policy or guarantee if any were you given on this "certificate"? Perhaps you can get your money back.

I see, you bought this forged "Shatner/Nimoy" for $71 on November 1st. The low price was an indication these are forgeries, apart from the bad signatures.. Seller guarantees it will pass PSA etc. Depending on how you paid, you may very well get your money back. Try! Others here will have advice to help you. 

Hey! Seller was Surfinsafari505. In the auction he states "...Please feel free to contact Steve Cyrkin, Editor of Autograph Magazine/Autograph Live [This is us/Steve/here :) ], or Al Wittnebert, Senior Editor of "The Pen and Quill", the magazine of the UACC (Universal Autograph Collectors Club) should you wish to confirm our reputation and bona fides.  This is NOT a stamp, reprint, secretarial signature or forgery but the real deal...."

Start your email - you should get your money back. :)

Hello MadSeb80

Are you going to pursue a refund for thses forgeries? The Star Trek should be fairly easy to return considering the text in his auction about Steve/this venue etc.


Nick is on the list of trusted ebay sellers so contact him and I am sure / confident that he will resolve any issues you have.

Please post your outcome of correspondence with Nick on AL as that's the purpose of Steve's AL site in helping and supporting all of us who are members.

Regards Mike

Ditto on the Connery as well. Unfortunately, if these all came from the same source I would avoid this seller in the future.


None of these are authentic, IMO. The Shatner/Nimoy combo is from what many believe is a bulk forgery style sold under the pretense of being from a private signing. The Schwarzenegger is not even close - a very poor attempt. I'm not a Connery expert, but it doesn't look like any other authentic example I've see. And if it's from the same seller, I'd stay clear.



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