The Signed Deluxe edition of Renegades will be on sale at Barnes & Noble on Dec 7th. Limit of one per person and instore only. No online orders . Barnes and Noble members only and the price is $500, 10% for members RENEGADES: BORN IN THE USA. ( 

and Amazon Renegades: Born in the USA (Deluxe Signed Edition): 978...

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Unfortunately too many people undercut the prices when people were getting them for 250-300/ea. Still that’s cool they’re on sale and it’s pretty reasonable, but I feel for everyone who paid retail.

I just noticed my B&N now has them back in public view behind the counter again.

Yeah, also I think they saw these were selling so they probably added more copies to the run.

I would be very curious to learn what is the actual number of signed copies of Renegades and the actual number of signed copies of A Promised Land. 

Also does anyone know the second half of A Promised Land is scheduled for release and when/where I should be looking for its signed Deluxe edition? 

I Saw these on Facebook and hopefully they don't mind me sharing but I think they look amazing, I never really considered cutting the signatures out of the book but this has me thinking about it. 

Those do look really nice. In some cases cut autographs look better since it's on a white background and the autograph sticks out more. 

I agree they look great,  I also never considered cutting autographs out but this seems like a much better way to display them than in a book that most people don't care about. I probably won't though because after seeing those i started thinking of all the possible displays like those i could make and it just seems like it could turn into another addiction, which i don't need lol

Haha very true. I've bought a few books with ideas in my head on how I'd cut out the autograph and display it but then usually ends up just staying in the book. I guess if the book isn't collectible, and you only bought it for the signature, in some cases it may make more sense to cut them and put in an autograph scrap book. Since it would take up way less room than a bunch of books, and easier to check out your autograph collection. I've cut a few like Tom Hanks and Alec Baldwin that I displayed with a photo from Beetlejuice, but the majority stay in the books. 

Funny you say that, i recently bought a baldwin signed book in anticipation of the Gena Davis signed books with 100% certainty of cutting them to matt together

I started a thread about an autographed Bernie Taupin book I wanted to cut to pair with an Elton signature a while ago.. there are many collectors out there who will discourage you to cut a book no matter what circumstances because you are deleting the context.. ive researched this extensively and feel that "mass produced tip in books" have no context aside from the fact that they originated inside the book from the publisher.. originally, they started out as an autographed blank page.. in my opinion, its perfectly acceptable to cut these items. There will always be collectors in search of these complete items years from now and will argue context. But this will not discourage me from cutting autographs I need for a collection going forward. I HATE the bulkiness of a book collection but certain members on here have taught me which items to keep intact for collectability purposes

This item in particular, could go either way at this moment.. but 20 years from now, the intact book may be worth way more than cut autographs.. 

That said, I ended up cutting mine

I agree. I feel like unless it's a collectible book (Like the high quality Obama/Springsteen book) or rare/low print then it's not that big of a deal to cut them. Especially if it's just a random celebrities mass produced, cheap book.

I've seen some signed books on Barnes and Noble shelves months after they went on sale, and then ending up in the clearance junk books pile. Those are never going to be considered rare collectible books imo. Unless maybe the person dies young or their career blows up and not many originally sold, then it might go up in value, and even then the autograph would be valuable still on its own... but more than likely enough sold to begin with that there's always going to be plenty available. 

The only other time I'd see it not making much sense to cut an autograph is if it's something like Stephen King and they're famous for being an author, so in context the autograph being inside the book makes the most sense. Like it wouldn't make as much sense to have a Springsteen signed tennis racquet as it would a guitar. Or maybe if it's a really old book and you're destroying an antique item/piece of history... but I just look at most mass produced celeb signed books as just a cheap way to get autographs so I'm not against cutting the majority of them if you can make a cooler display, or a less bulky collection.  

Yes the Obama/Springsteen book really shouldn't be cut if you are looking for the most value in the future, but I was able to buy it when it was $330ish or whatever on Amazon knowing I did not want these signatures together. At that price, I was ok with cutting since I have experience cutting for the best dimensions. And making sure cuts are made with precise 90degree angles and the overall autograph is completely centered.. theres a lot that goes into planning.. id hate for random people to cut signatures out of books with no clue what they are doing. Theres a point where it becomes a butchered mess aside from a quality cut.. but in the end, you are entitled to do whatever you want with the autograph you purchased. Not everyone cares about value.. all of these facts together is what makes this hobby great. Imagine if everyone in the 50s kept all of their autographs in prestine condition.. the market for them today would be completely different

Agreed. Like you said not everyone cares about value, and value only really matters if you plan to sell them eventually. I really don't sell any of my collection so I guess the value will only matter to whoever gets my collection when I'm gone, or maybe if I downsize at some point. Other than being a nicely made, expensive book, I can see cutting the Obama and Springsteen just because it's an odd combo... a lot of people might hate Obama but love Springsteen, or only collect political autographs, etc... and their autograph values will most likely always be high, so the book probably doesn't add much premium... but maybe will at some point. Plus at the price you paid the autographs are worth way more than you paid. Those were good candidates for cutting too since the autos were so big and bold and on a blank page. Some you get signed over the book title or print and then the cuts can look weird... and like you said everyone can and should enjoy their collection however they want... I do get annoyed seeing some of the sports card companies cuts though, like when they don't fit onto the card and cut part of the signature off. Or they cut them from a hand written letter or something. So yeah knowing what you're doing and being careful with the cuts definitely makes a big difference. 

...I do get annoyed seeing some of the sports card companies cuts though, like when they don't fit onto the card and cut part of the signature off. Or they cut them from a hand written letter or something....

I think they are still slabbing the secretarial Gleasons, just as PSA once did.


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