The extent people will go to sell and rip off buyers.

I hope Roger takes a look at this:

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The COA looks strange to me. 

REUL?  The "U" must stand for Unauthentication. The LOA looks like it was prepared by someone where English is their fourth language.

Local pickup only. Maybe to avoid a postal inspectors investigation and mail fraud charges?

hope that COA is fake. The two signatures look like they were signed by the same person, and in any case the notary signature is not valid as it does not have a printed or embossed seal with the notary public's name, commission expiration date, and state.

The phone number also looks odd with commas in between the area code, exchange, and number.

That LOA is way off. You can tell instantly if you know Roger's. They don't even have the business's name right. And he doesn't use a notary.

The hell is that?

Hahaha.. Awful

The item has ended, guessing the seller realised the scam was up. Hopefully, Roger contacts eBay over this

Nice catch, Prashant.  Well done.

Seller does not accept returns is always a good sign. The seller might not accept returns but eBay does, so meaningless unless it's buyer's remorse.


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