Sone Elton John signed new CD singles not passing 3rd party authentication

FYI, in Real Autograph Collectors Club group on Facebook a person posted that Beckett and PSA are saying the Elton John signed CD single art card from the UK is not authentic. There is debate on how many he signed, may have been signed by others or used autopen.

Here is link to the discussion over there

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It wouldn't let me see the article because I'm not a member of the group but I am curious if the ones not passing were bought on eBay or directly from his store? they did sell this single unsigned before they put the signed ones on sale and when I saw people putting them on eBay saying rare full signature I was thinking someone could easily just scribble on the unsigned copies and try to pass them off

those pictures look more like the ones I saw on eBay that said Rare full signature than the ones I saw people posting after they received them from his store, which looked more like just and E and some scribble of the 1st name. i hope those are just from eBay but who knows anymore

Now the doubt is there mate 

has anyone on this group had a full auto from the store ? 

I had a full auto - see attached!

Where is this picture from?

These are my two copies.

KD, where did you see that they sold unsigned copies of the single (not counting the accidental unsigned artcards)? Also, if they did sell unsigned copies first, wouldnt they have excluded the artcard?

Ah good point, I didn't think about the art card, they were selling the singles on his site for a while before they sold out. I bought a couple not knowing they would be releasing signed copies, still waiting on them, I usually don't buy unsigned stuff but they said limited edition and seemed cool so I bit.

Here's the Twitter picture for reference.. its hard to tell still

he might have signed all of those or he could have had assistants do them and just sat down to pose for that pic. no way to really tell. 



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