I'd like to know how much this type of material goes for in price? I know it's accurate because it was signed by Stan Lee at the 2007 San Diego Comic-Con.

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Yes, I know. :/

"...Yes it is authentic. I stood in line to have him sign it at the San Diego Comic-Con.. I just didn't mention that...." - Kammie

"...It most certainly is from a sit-down signing at  the San Diego Comic con 2007. I was right there when he signed it. There's even a stamp on the back it says so...." - Kammie

But she was asking how much to offer for it in June as shown above...Kammie?

Well if I didn't get any answers I thought I'd post it and then I change the price

What's it to you

I think you're off. I stood in front of the guy you have no right to tell me that I did not if I say I did and I'm not asking you the question whether this is authentic or not I'm asking you how much you pay for it? I'm not asking you about its authenticity am I? Don't be rude

It is off. The whole thing. It's not Stan's track. Unless he wrote Christy Brown style, with his left foot,

Hi Kammie, I posted a reply over here on your other discussion from back in June, where you were asking for opinions on value on this item (as well as a few others) because you said you were looking to purchase the item. I think that is where the confusion stems from, as you were looking to purchase the item and now you say you got in person. Two things can't be the same, sorry for the confusion on our members part, perhaps if you can explain it a little more clear we will be able to assist you better? 

I don't believe anyone has been rude here, I think it is just the miscommunication that can happen over text on the internet and trying to decipher intent. Here is the link to the discussion from June 22nd. Maybe you can try to help us with our confusion here? Thank you for your time. 


I just want to know what price to put on it. I wasn't asking whether it was real or not I know it's real I stood there and he signed it in front of me. I just wanted to know what price to put on it that's all. Thank you

This is atypical at best and I would not touch it for my collection. 

It's like S-t-a-n- squiggle squiggle that actually does not go into L. Then L shoots up STOP and Lift pen. E slowly starts, goes into second E then stops and underscore is completely independent.

These are not traits one would typically see.  

It's not Stan's signature, Steve. Atypical is a compliment. My opinion is that if this is supposedly signed in 2007, it's a forgery, an extremely inept one, and I'm fairly sure there's an ebay seller whose Lee autos are very close to this. Lee's right handed autos of 2017 and 2018 don't even look so uncharacteristic. I've seen other Lee forgeries before on ebay by the same hand, same inept style, the same forger who hasn't a clue. I have to keep my eyes open now for that. There's a bunch of ebay sellers regularly auctioning 20 to 100 forged Lee autos per month at about $20 a pop. What a bargain, right? Same thing. Little stickers and such that are worth about the same as the ink. .  

He signed it in front of me what are you talkin about? Are you judging me that I'm lying to you? That's not what the question is about.if you don't want to answer the question of how much to put for it don't answer anything else. I'm not asking you if it's real I'm asking you how much I should put on it if you don't want to say it don't say everything.

Please be respectful and don't close discussions in progress.

i Believe you once told the forum that you already sold the item, if so why are you on this topic today? 


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