The 1950s and 60s were decades when Americans were fascinated with all things involving space travel. With the advent of sending men into orbit this increased the interest. In 1966 Gene Roddenberry created the television Sci-Fi adventure Star Trek. It was not an overnight success by any means. Syndication actually put it on the map since it attracted younger non-prime time viewers. Early Star Trek "conventions" were underway almost from the beginning with dedicated fans (mostly younger) showing their support. After the series was cancelled a cartoon series Star Trek: The Animated Series was created with all the major cast except for Walter Koenig providing voices. The lack of Koenig was apparently apparently a cost saving measure. Star Trek became my favorite Sci-Fi show surpassing my previous favorite of Lost in Space.  The series expanded to several movies with many of the original stars in the same roles.

Many Star Trek collectors concentrate on the seven or eight major actors/actresses that had recurring roles on the show. For my own collection I tend to expand that (as I tend to do with all my collections) to include some somewhat minor characters and also favorite guest stars. The ones included below are my idea of a good collection.

Unlike most on AML I tend to dislike multi-signed pieces this is due in part to the fact that I do not frame ans display. I prefer the notebook method. That is simply a matter of personal preference many friends have great framed "walls" of autographs. My list for "major" autographs are the first seven the remainder I like to have since they had identifiable roles on the show. The number after the name is the number of episodes according to imdb.

William Shatner (79) Capt. Kirk
Leonard Nimoy (80) Lcdr. Spock
DeForrest Kelley (76) Lcdr. Dr. McCoy
James Doohan (66) Lcdr. Scott
Nichelle Nichols (70) Lt. Uhura
George Takei (52) Lt. Sulu
Walter Koenig (36) Lt. Chekov
Majal Barrett (36) Nurse Chapel/computer voice
Grace Lee Whitney (8) Yoeman Janice Rand
John Winston (11) Lt. Kyle
Eddie Paskey (60) Lt. Leslie/others
David L. Ross (9) Lt. Galloway/others
Sean Morgan (7) Lt. O'Neill/others
Paul Baxley (10) Security/others

As for guests I merely add ones that were personal favorites of mine. Spock's parents played by Mark Lenard and Jane Wyatt are examples. John Fiedler, Elisha Cook, Jr.,William Schallert, Lee Bergere, William Campbell, Bruce Hyde, Stanley Adams, Roger Carmel, Ian Wolfe, Ken Lynch, Byron Morrow, James Gregory and many others are on my list.

As a collector I am more interested in the signature than the photograph it is on. While I like to have them on Star Trek items is not a necessity for me.

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Really nice Chris!


The last thing that Steve Zarelli does is stay silent when he finds out an autograph is likely not genuine. His activities on this site, his own, and the UACC studies he’s done show that.

But most dealers and experienced collectors don’t want to get in the middle of these things publicly because sellers of forgeries will try to make their lives hell and ruin them.

This site,, a few FB groups and a couple of other sites are the places that talk about things like this.


Understood....I've seen some of these "ruin them" contests play out from my relatively unscrutinized perch.  My hope is that this discussion illustrates the value of seeing these matters through to the extent possible under the circumstances.  When you get a "case closed" from Steve I would offer that the discussion has advanced to a positive end. I am grateful for the opportunity afforded by this forum to share my own knowledge and experience, and ideally--to help protect collectors from the unscrupulous.

Did Creation sell UNSIGNED photos with their name on them? Thoughts on this photo? A Creation SIGNED photo or could it have come from Creation unsigned?

Creation Enterprises and 2002 copyright on bottom right.

Hey Steve, for me that is ages ago - conventions. I seem to recall photos for sale in the merch room on tables, or photos on sale with celebs for signing that you would pass while moving up on line. I don't think anyone would stop you buying photos and not getting them signed. Anyone else recall?

It comes with a creation COA as well, but those can obviously be swapped out or copied.

What struck me is that in all of my verified Creation exemplars, every single one has Leonard connected to Nimoy. And the Shatner on this one looks a little stiff.

It may be fine, but I am super paranoid about these dual signed poses after the last series of exchanges regarding those questionable ones flooding ebay!

I agree. This is just not one I would collect or sell. 

I agree that there are indeed plenty of Creation blanks out there, they were the Paramount approved Trek Licensee for photos as well as signing conventions.

I think the gap in Nimoy is just a pen failure or a twitch of Leonard's hand.

I actually like this one better than the one I own. Mine is missing the lower loop of the L...always annoyed me.

Wow, that Shatner sure isn't his usual.I wouldn't want it. I'm sure theres lots of unsigned Creation photos floating around.

Both of those look fine.  They appear to be from the backstock Creation maintained from their own signings in the last decade prior to Nimoy's death.  For comparison here is yet another Shatner from those signings.  Note the similar sized signature to the one in question here, albeit with my example being a closeup. 

For good measure, here is another example of the disconnected Leonard & Nimoy.  I witnessed this trait on a few occasions with Nimoy, but probably fewer than ten percent of his genuine sigs have this feature.


Thanks, Charley. Very helpful. Despite my initial concerns, you and Pete have given me confidence in this item.




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