Brian May of Queen - Signed Book - STEREOSCOPY IS GOOD FOR YOU: LIFE IN 3-D - £40

40 British Pounds + shipping

  • Includes / Certificate Plate Hand Signed by Brian May / Steampunk Owl Viewer

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Heya,  sorry I don't know how I missed your question from last year. Yep,  it's a Bill Murray quote!! Love that film. 

Still no tracking. Should I be worried?

I'm hesitant to enquire with them. I contacted a shop on a similar matter just to politely enquire IF my signed book would arrive before Xmas, but I think they were worried I was "one of those customers" so they cancelled the order :(

I spoke to them yesterday and they said the are busy with these (hundreds) they are behind.

Gave them my order number and they said everything is good and they would get it out yesterday, they didn’t.

Sounds like they don’t know what they are doing and are way above their heads with this

They are an art gallery which probably deals with just one order a week suddenly having to deal with hundreds of orders at once. It is no real surprise that they are having trouble with this. 

The alternative would be to not offer them at all or to just sell them in their gift shop which would have meant most of the people here would not have been able to get them at all.

This site has plently of examples of more established places taking ages to send out orders (Waterstones for example) so please just have a bit of patience and wait. 

I have been patient, I have waited for nearly two weeks.

I stated that they are over there heads, as you reiterated.

I am just letting everyone know.

I don’t get your point?

Lol, one of those customers... how dare a customer inquire about a purchase.. the nerve... 

I emailed them 2 days ago and haven't received a reply yet

My order has been posted - got tracking notification yesterday

I still haven't seen movement on mine as the original poster.  So I did something I rarely do.  I called them.  I left a message with the gallery to check the status.  It seems like they are sending out the ones to folks who are the squeaky wheel first.   So I gave it a shot. I was trying to balance patience with the fact that this is an item I really do want for my collection.Hopefully, this gets it into the process.

Received mine today well packed .

  • Yes received mine today. NOT packed well and several edge dents to the book!

Packed with a piece of card that didn’t even cover the book totally then a single layer of brown packing paper. 



Mine was bubble wrapped and cardboard for extra protection .

luck of the draw I guess  sorry to read about yours.

Well mine has still not shipped as far as I know, useless



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